Bldg 8, history of the cable and responses

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Bldg 8, history of the cable and responses  Empty Bldg 8, history of the cable and responses

Post  Guest on Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:27 pm

Greetings, fellow CLC people!

Let me apologize for the many email exchanges you have suffered as a result of the controversy caused by the installation of the cable on building 8. It is one of the reasons for this website being set up, to decrease the emails and yet allow everyone access to the information and to respond. If I may, I'd like to let you now the events that led up to the installation of this wire.

In 2011 I started having some problems being able to stay on the Internet server and believed it directly related to the new tenants moving the unit 123 below me. I called Cox a couple of times about it, trying to reset my router, working remotely on my modem, replacing both routers and modems three times without success. They informed me that the new tenants did add services but it shouldn't have impacted mine. Well, it did, as my sister will attest to this while living with me and who was taking a full load of online college classes. We would be on for just moments and be forced offline. This happened throughout the day and night. The signals from my monitoring device were wrong and causing incorrect alarms and responses several times each day.

It wasn't as bad having service interrupted at this time, even though it caused some Internet problems, but, my sister was living with me and I didn't feel as strongly about the need for health monitoring as I did and still do now that she rents 123 from another CLC owner.

For several years now, likely due to a fall or a car accident, the doctors are unsure, I have seizures. A life changing moment occurred about 16 months ago, when I was on my small electric two wheel scooter, on a side street, had a seizure, tipped onto my side, slid several feet on the sidewalk, hit the edge of the curb with my tires and both the bike and I were thrown into the street. I had had a seizure that resulted in the breakage of the outer part of my bone on my leg and reinjuring my back. I could easily been run over if on a busier street.

My driving privileges were taken away three years ago from these seizures and I am on disability. Once a very active, successful interior designer and building project manager, it's been difficult at times to adjust to my new style of living. but, I do well enough and feel fortunate to be able to live independently with the help of the monitoring system.

This quiet lifestyle forces me not only to rely on the Internet where I sell my oil paintings but also where I have a monitoring device that sends aid should I have a seizure and need medical attention. When Cox was here to check the lines in April, they recommended a new router and modem, which I purchased, and to also replace the lines. I don't even use the cable for television services, simply Internet.

We tried new equipment and as my sister moved into 123 some months ago, and we could ensure there was no Internet use from that unit causing my problems, Cox told me my only option to be guaranteed service was to have a new line installed.

I was to call the HOA to get permission, which I did, and ask for written confirmation, which I received, several months ago.

If the HOA didn't recall this conversation, I would understand that. No doubt they get many requests of this nature and it's been several months.

I was surprised that the wire did come up the side of the building and wish I had gone out to watch the installation. It was my understanding it was to be installed on the underside of the cantilevered space above the garage doors. After it was installed, however, I choose to leave it alone and to revisit it with the board when I had some additional options.

I did hire it to be painted after I color matched the paint. The repair of the stucco is not difficult, having owned 3 stucco homes myself and also using stucco of a variety of composite materials in buildings I designed, it's an easy repair. It's why the material is used so often in this area, it has the ability to expand and contract with the changes of temperature. If you were here prior to the painting, you would have seen larger areas in need of repair than these tiny pin nails. It will not be a problem to fill this and all the other areas at the end of buildings when we are able to rewire entire buildings or to go wirelessly which, given great technological advances, we shall surely see soon.

I am so grateful that I was granted leave to install the cable, which I believe to be legally mine as Cox assured me it was the only way to ensure it could be done effectively. If something had happened to me, wouldn't the HOA been liable for not providing services to a disabled person?

I am willing to further explore all the possible solutions to this cable situation. I am somewhat perplexed as to why this has been such a subject of discussion when the garage doors are far more unsightly, the Dog situation far more unsanitary and intolerable, the lighting issues more unattractive and cause for safety concerns.

Would any of you denied these services to me knowing the entire story?
Would any of you denied these services to my young neighbor who recently had an organ transplant?
Would I deny any of you these services if you suddenly needed monitoring for an heart condition or a child with special needs? Of course not.

Do I wish we could find a more attractive alternative? Yes, and I shall continue to seek just that.

Thank you. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or email me.

Gloria Fredricks


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