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Window Installer - Approved, Bonded, Licensed Empty Window Installer - Approved, Bonded, Licensed

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:57 pm

In an effort to have consistently high quality workmanship, it was discussed at the meeting last night, 11/20/12 that perhaps a list of quality, approved constructions companies be made so homeowners would have the names of people to call when outfitting their homes with items they are responsible for, in example, window replacements.

If you have a quality person who is licensed and bonded, please let us know that we can assemble a list of people to share with other homeowners. It would keep up the standards at CLC and also make it easier to get the same contractors back if several clients were at one location.

Start a topic of another contractor- Tile installer, electrician- Bev, you mentioned this, I believe, plumbers, etc.

We should also place on here what is covered by the HOA and what is the owners responsibility as well, right?

Anyone interested in taking this on? Very Happy I'll surely help as a former project building/contractor manager, I'm accustomed to this work, I just need some help! Smile

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