Does a gym interest anyone?

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Does a gym interest anyone?  Empty Does a gym interest anyone?

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:01 pm

When a friend was here last weekend, a suggestion was made that the meeting room have gym equipment. I pointed out the liability issue, the cost in acquiring equipment, etc, and his response was there are companies that provide equipment, maintenance and classes for fees.

I would love to see a few treadmills, a tv, some yoga classes as a start.

Anyone else like this idea? If so, perhaps we could at least get some ideas of interest, needs, costs and go from there?



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Does a gym interest anyone?  Empty Absolutely!

Post  Bree215 on Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:18 pm

I would love to see an elliptical and a treadmill for start. These can potentially be locked in pool room and only owners who have signed a waiver of liability and, perhaps, paid a $10-$20 initial fee (to contribute to the equipment cost and key creation) will have access. This way, we will have a starting fund for the equipment and it will only be available to the owners interested in its use and preservation (not for children who will play with it, potentially injure themselves, and spill sugary drinks on it!). I think that once we get enough funds for 1-2 machines (which we can purchase used for several hundred dollars a piece from craigslist) and if interest in the program increases, extra funds will allow for upgrades, perhaps at that point we can consider a TV. I usually just work out with my iPod, so it's a cheap starting point.

Yoga classes may be a bit more difficult to organize, however I think it would be amazing to have some classes on our beautiful grass (provided it's poopless!)

This is a great idea, Gloria.

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Does a gym interest anyone?  Empty On the same page! Anyone else like this?

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:09 pm

Hi, Bree! The idea came from a young man from St Paul who lived here, whom I met two years ago. I liked the idea then and moreso now! So glad you like this!

All your ideas on money to start, fees to participate, keep the kids safe, and so on are perfect!

That clubhouse is due for a redecorating anyway, why not repurpose it for a workout space, social gathering areas, Casa Los Cerros get togethers? There's ample space in there and with some talent, a bit of paint, it could really be improved. Plus, it makes our complex all the more attractive to investors or potential buyers. I guess the clubhouse needs its own thread? Smile !

What fun to look forward to something like this! Just in time for the winter set and cooler weather!

Bree, can you help watch this thread and compile the list of wants, who is interested, perhaps get an idea of equipment prices? I'll work on costs for the clubhouse, liability issues, layout of the space and options? lets see if we can get the reation of the homeowners and then can have a proposal for the next board meeting to encompass the desires of our community?

Let's go for it! Who else is up for this? All input and ideas welcome!

Btw, had a good giggle over your Yoga line! I do like the idea of it very much out on the clean, green grass! Smile


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Does a gym interest anyone?  Empty Gymn - great idea!

Post  Catb4sig on Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:07 pm

I would also love to see the clubhouse made into a fee paid gymn with a couple of pieces of equipment (elliptical and a stationary bike for one for those of us too nervous to ride out in traffic). I'm not sure about the socials idea. When I see folks picking up after their picnics outside, I'd be more open to that idea.


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Does a gym interest anyone?  Empty Re: Does a gym interest anyone?

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