Stream the Board Meetings Live- Directors can live elsewhere?

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Stream the Board Meetings Live- Directors can live elsewhere? Empty Stream the Board Meetings Live- Directors can live elsewhere?

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:37 pm

At the (Informal) Board Meeting, I asked those present if there would be any interest in a Live Stream of feed over the internet of Board Meeetings, or ANY meetings for that matter of Casa Los Cerros. There was interest expressed at that meeting, and by the number of emails I get, many of you would like this feature.

Here's how it could work:

We can get an internet connection at the Clubhouse.
We simply set up a laptop with a built in webcam and the meeting is broadcast LIVE to all who log on to watch it. There are a variety of ways to broadcast the meetings, Skype, Livestream...both Free and easy!

Those who have questions could submit them live and have a face to face discussion or interchange, send the questions via text or email. Someone during the meeting can manage questions or comments and the Board have a specified amount of time to address these questions.

We can save these meetings and archive them for all of our members to view them for the next 30 days or longer, and everyone could view the proceedings.

FURTHERMORE, it would allow homeowners who live outside the complex, but, whom visit 3-4 times a year to be participants. Would it be possible for them to be on the board? Yes, in my opinion, if we expand the board to 5 Board of Directors, if we have competent committees formed to support the board, if we are able to submit photos and videos to a website: (for the REGISTERED owners to only view)
we should be able to use the talent we have among our homeowners. But, this is my opinion, it's what we ALL decide that is important.

None of this is difficult nor expensive. It would serve to keep us all informed and bring as much communication to everyone who wishes to have it. There should be no additional claims of information not being given out if we use the free and easy tools available to us.

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