Onsite Manager? Your thoughts?

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Onsite Manager?  Your thoughts? Empty Onsite Manager? Your thoughts?

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:24 pm

Given the fact that we have all heard complaints about the management company yet know of the challenges of operating without one, is there a compromise?

Is there any merit to converting part of the space of the Meeting room/Gym to an area for an Onsite Manager? What would the benefits of this be and what would be the downside?

Obviously, owner/tenant complaints could be dealt with more easily?

There may be the possibility of combining a Handy Person with a Manager if we found the right person?

Would there be benefits of buying one of the foreclosed condos, offering the rental as part of compensation for a couple? We have money in the bank, it would be transfering the asset to another. Plus, as property values rise, so would the value of the unit. Who better to own a foreclosed property that the HOA? Could the couple be then the caretaker/office manager?

The benefits of a professional management company are great, too. They need the support of us on the ground to be their eyes and ears and to convey our grievances. They cannot respond unless we tell them of our issues. Maybe we have a combination of the two?

With the changes wanted, perhaps this is an opportune time to explore other ideas?

Your thoughts, opinions, or ideas?


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