Board of Director Vote January 15th, Ms. Visor elected. Annual Meeting

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Board of Director Vote January 15th, Ms. Visor elected. Annual Meeting

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:27 pm

January 15th was the Annual Meeting of Casa Los Cerros HOA. Sharon Johnson-Visor was elected for a three year term for the vacant seat of the Board of Directors.

The movement to enlarge the board was not passed as there needs to be a vote of at least 75% of the homeowners in favor of any change in the bylaws. There was discussion of ideas to pursue this as there appears to be unchallenged interest in this happening.

There continues to be interest by Beverly LaRue and myself to develop committees in
Communications-meetings to be streamed live over the internet and archived for later viewing
There continues to be interest in the Architectural Committee Formation, Landscape Committee Formation, and on this Forum, more input by Bree and Beverly LaRue for a Pet Committee.

There have been others interested in being on committees or at least projects for shorter terms.

The energy at the Annual Meeting was palpable. If we can move forward in a positive manner to improve our community with this interest, energy and talent, Casa Los Cerros will indeed prove to be a gem of Tempe.

I would like to see this forum used to offer information and provide an arena for discussion. If there are others who wish to moderate, you are welcome to take over or assist. I would welcome this.

Thank you all for your interest in the movement to improve Casa los Cerros. Thank you for your support to me, personally. I appreciate it muchly. Continue to write me as you wish and I shall be pleased to offer any help. I also offered Sharon my support and would be pleased to offer my input on the Architectural committee and Communications committee. I am sure she would enjoy hearing from you as well!

Best wishes,
Gloria Fredricks


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