Landscape committee -who is interested?

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Landscape committee -who is interested? Empty Landscape committee -who is interested?

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:02 am

It would be great to see someone take the lead on this. There appears to be some discrepancies in billings, some issues with tree removal and if a few people like gardening, landscaping, it'd be great to see your involvement.

For what it's worth, and only because I used to do this myself unknowingly,
the shrubs are being trimmed back at the wrong time.

It appears that most of the shrubs would be in full bloom right now, if you look at them and other shrubs outside the complex. As there are some blooms on the shrubs, one needs to ask why so few? The shrubs require a good trim after the last full bloom so the new growth can occur and harden and then blossom. If one shears them too late, the new growth, the ones with the new blooms, are removed. I am not pointing fingers at anyone, it's just helpful for us to know this so we can be watchful in the future and perhaps get it on the calendar as a reminder to us so we can assist the board/landscapers to make our property most beautiful?

I was thinking it would be great to get a Landscapers map of the complex, put in all the shrubs and trees and then get a plan for additional plantings?

Perhaps there's already a landscape architectural plan available? If so, it would be wonderful to have that as a starting point.

Other ideas? Container gardening workshops? More flowers on the light posts?

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Landscape committee -who is interested? Empty The first step

Post  1lookout on Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:30 pm

I think this forum is a great step forward in recognising owners concerns and aspirations for Casa Los Cerros in the future. Unfortunately we are overseas owners and as such are not able to contribute our time in a more direct fashion. I do think the landscaping on the property could be improved and believe the first step towards achieving this is the formation of a committee. The committee should evaluate all proposals put forward on this forum but also look at other properties and table a master plan which would be implemented over a number of years. I’m sure that as owners start to see how rewarding a beautiful outdoor environment can be they will be encouraged to contribute a small amount in the way of a couple of working bees a year ( a great way of getting to know your neighbours and possibly enjoy a well earned glass of wine and a barbeque afterwards ). Encouraging friends and relatives to give cuttings which can be propagated is a fantastic way of filling gardens with a huge diversity of cheap plantings. As mentioned by other contributors how satisfying to be able to pick your own fruit and vegetables, we have the land - all that is required is a little time and effort. Good luck we will follow your progress and this forum with great interest.


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