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Post  dlllwithey on Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:20 pm

My name is David. I am one of those people not familiar with forums but like the two way or more communication unilke a web site. We need more of that. I didn't realize I had to register to se posts.

I grew up in Indiana, attended college in Ohio then moved west, first to NM then AZ for law school. I've lived in AZ since 1979 and CLC since the mid 80s. That sure sounds old.

I'll be there tomorrow night to meet and discuss CLC stuff and other subjects with whoever attends. It looks like it won't be a Board meeting due to the lack of a quorum. I'll explain tomorrow night. I look froward to meeting and discussing things on these forums and in person.


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Post  GJF on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:44 pm

Hello, David, Casa Los Cerros HomeOwners Community,

Not wanting you to be hanging out here alone, I thought I'd add my profile. : ) And, I wanted to tip my hat to you for all your years of service as the President of Casa Los Cerros. It's been a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for your time and service as a volunteer with such a long committment.

My home at Casa Los Cerros started just about three years ago after a few trips to Arizona. It is such a beautiful state with the mountains, the desert, large open areas, Phoenix with its nice culture in the arts, and, of course, The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Apache is filled with unique vistas that speak to my artists eyes.

I first came to Arizona during Spring Break during college and still recall seeing the Apache Trail for the first time. Years later I returned after years of working as a Realtor and licensed Insurance/Investment professional. Following that I went into the banking industry and after another relocation, started an Interior Design business that was very successful for many years where I designed homes and oversaw the building of them. In all these areas, the common thread was in using my talents to solve problems and finding creative solutions while motivating people to become involved and bring their talents to the process.

I am most fortunate to be in Arizona where I paint in Oils, mostly landscapes, some figurative paintings, and cityscapes. Travel has been important to me and it is something I have pursued actively, preferring experiences to things.

Casa Los Cerros is a beautiful, peaceful community that holds much promise.

GJ Fredricks


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